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Training program
in Aquatic Therapy

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Introduction to basic concepts in
aquatic therapy


This basic course is divided into two parts.

First part  1A - The theory (Live online): is designed to explore the theoretical bases of physics in the aquatic environment: hydrostatic pressure, hydrodynamics, Archimedean thrust..., as well as the physiological effects of immersion on the human body (duration 3 hours).

Second part 1B - Practical workshops: The objective of this practical workshop is to familiarize the participant with the main therapeutic principles of manual (osteopathic) techniques: myofascial, articular, muscle energy, pumping, visceral, cranial... as well as their adaptation to the aquatic environment. The notion of therapeutic fulcrum will be discussed as well as the technical applications of these principles. Finally, the impact of warm water treatments on the patient and the therapist will be discussed. 

- Fulcrums in the aquatic environment

- Therapeutic tools in aquatic manual therapy

- Balancing techniques, articular, visceral, myofasical, visceral ... in flotation

- Introduction to immersion and apnea states to enter deeper body awareness. 


This foundation course is open to health professionals who wish to  expand their field of practice to the aquatic environment. Participants should have training in anatomy-physiology, as well as manual practice experience.


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 Michel Dufresne DO


 Jennie Anstey DO

Marie Panier DO

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