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Training program
in Aquatic Therapy


Specificity  palpation in
aquatic therapy


This level 2 workshop is two days long and is inspired by the SAT approach as developed by Tom Dummer DO.

Day 1 - We will experiment with a range of specific techniques that allow us to exploit different Properties tissues: Rhythm, Mobility, Density, Texture, Vitality, Elasticity (resilience)... and how the structure of a tissue influences its behaviour. Through various palpation exercises we will explore the different sub-characteristics that the systems can express: nervous, vascular, visceral, fascial, bone, cranio-sacral.

Day 2 - In addition to the work on the properties tested during the first day, we will determine at which Layer the structures express their responsiveness. We will thus measure the therapeutic impact generated by the identification of Properties and Layers tissues because your treatments will be better adapted to the current needs of the patient's tissues.

This 2-day workshop will allow you to leave with concrete tools that you can apply as soon as you return to the clinic.


 Michel Dufresne DO


Cost: (530$ + tx) 609.37$

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